We do not accept refunds, if the items tag has been ripped off.
If your purchase did not live up to your expectaions or you purchased the wrong size, you may exchange it within 14 days from the day you received your purchase. If the product in any way looks used or the tag has been torn off, we will ship the item back to you with no refund.
All FALSEHAVEN© products are carefully inspected before they are packed to ensure no faulty products. 
Please make sure that you have carefully reviewed your order prior to finalizing your purchase.

NOTE: that we supply free shipping if following:
We accidently sent you the wrong size/order and/or if you wish to exchange it to a diffrent size.

Orders dispatched to the wrong address due to customer error will be charged additional shipping. Any orders returned to us due to non delivery will be charged additional shipping charge.

We do NOT supply free shipping if you want a full moneyback refund.
For a full moneyback refund please include a note in the package when you send it to us with your reference number included and e-mail.

The exchange address is: 

Thoravej 6, 1 st
2400 Copenhagen NV

*Please e-mail us before sending the item back.
*FALSEHAVEN© is not responsible for envelopes lost to/from our office.